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Commedia dell’Arte at Pennsic 46

I got a chance to dive into Commedia dell’Arte this year at Pennsic and had a blast! I performed multiple skits and a full length show with i Verdi Confusi as well as performing with Commedia All-Stars this year!   The Tutelage of Isabella with i Verdi Confusi The Annulled Annulment with Iron Commedia Follies […]

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Protectorate 40 Feast

Protectorate 40 Feast

I was selected to do the Feast for the Barony of Namron’s 40th Protectorate event. This feast was a completely period feast that I redacted from Two 15th Century Cookbooks and A Forme of Cury. I often attend feasts where someone is unable to eat feast because there are only one or two types of […]

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SCA 50 Year Celebration

SCA 50 Year Celebration

SCA 50 Year is just around the corner! I will be teaching many classes and involved in a few concerts throughout the event – so come find me! Concerts: Monday @ 3 PM on the Outdoor Stage Tuesday @ 7 PM in the Tavern as part of Aneleda’s Ladies Night Wednesday @ 8 PM in […]

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Art Sci – Spring 2016

For Art Sci this year, I did my first ever performance piece accompanying myself on harp. I started playing harp in Fall 2014 after attending the Known World Bards and Cooks Collegium where I was inspired in Master Galeran’s medieval accompaniment class to start experimenting with accompaniment using my, at the time, very limited skills. […]

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Kingdom Eistedfodd 2016

Eistedfodd was a lot of fun this year! We had so many amazing performers it was a blast to hang out with all of them and compete! Unfortunately, I am terrible at taking video. I think I might have managed to take one, which I haven’t dragged off my phone yet… it’s on the do […]

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Art Sci – Summer 2016

Summer Art Sci came and went! I did one more Carnatic Music piece this year, because I really liked the sound of Kamala Jadala, which is written in Ragam Kalyani (the ragam is effectively the scale. The notes of this ragam, using C as tonic, are C D E F# G A B, though Carnatic […]

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Art Sci – Spring 2015

My entries for Ansteorra’s Spring Art Sci this year included a Performance piece and a Cooking entry. My performance piece was Kunda Goura, a Carnatic Geetham by Purandara Dasa written Sanskrit. This is music from the 15th century in Southern India in the Vijayanagara Empire. I greatly revamped my documentation from the first time I […]

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