New song: Light the Fires

The last event I went to wanted a song inspired by Samhein, so I wrote the following song. It was my first time writing with the harp (which I am still learning!) and, as the harp lends itself to a more period style, it was written in Dorian mode and the accompaniment is following 12th-14th century techniques (thanks to Master Galeran Chanterel’s class at Known World Bards)

Light the Fires


Light the fires, join the feasting
Find your mumming mask
Celebrate the season’s end
For winter comes tomorrow

The harvest’s in, the cattle herds
Are brought from summer pasture
It’s Samhein night, so celebrate
The changing of the seasons


Now leave your off’rings for the Aos Si
Set tables for lost friends
All praise the spirits from Otherworld
Remember those now past


All gather round the Samhein fire
From bonfire light your hearth
A cherished bond for all to share
A newly kindled life


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