It isn’t war if you don’t write a song about it…

With Gulf Wars 25 ending rather spectacularly with the “Gulfnado” or “Tempest of Doom” as I’ve been calling it, many songs and stories will undoubtedly be told. While I have others in the works, this one just had to happen.

The Barony of Namron’s device is, basically, a tornado. Our Baronial service order is The Storm. Needless to say, when a major storm wreck’s Gulf Wars, it seems right to blame Namron… (a more legit song/poem is in the works, of course)

To the tune of “Royals” by Lorde

I’ve never seen a war like this before
I saw destruction like you see in the movies
And I’m not sure who brought the rains
To the Gulf Wars site, at twenty-fifth year

But every camp is like small tents, canvas, pop ups fly like crazy
strong winds, hail pelts, winds making it hazy
We don’t care, we’re holding tent poles while soaking wet
But everybody’s like you here, him there, someone brought the big storm
Wet clothes, soaked boots, wishing we were still warm
We don’t care, we’re singing songs and holding down the tents
And everybody blamed Namron (Namron)
Why did they bring the storm?
The wind and rain destroyed the war
And all are cold and wet and tired
The storm is from Namron (Namron)
They brought in the gale-force winds
Make ready, it’ll rain, it’ll rain, it’ll rain, it’ll rain
We don’t have pavilions left

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