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I’m terrible about updating, but I am going to try to be a bit better about it! I recently bought a harp and attended the Known World Bards and Cooks collegium, which as been collectively inspiring. Also, it seems bardic competitions around where I am now like to have theme songs, so that’s forced me to write some new material. Here are the two latest with words and recordings, with apologies for the fact that my microphone isn’t exactly high quality. I’m going to work on uploading more recordings so that my pieces are more accessible. Feel free to perform for any SCA related functions with credit given!


This was for an event based on the Field of Cloth of Gold, which was a meeting held between Henry VIII and Francis I which was intended to promote friendship between the two countries. It was called the Field of Cloth of Gold due to the tents made of gold cloth that lined the fields, each king showing their wealth and opulence.

The Field of Cloth of Gold

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I’ve heard a tale they say
Two kings did meet one day
To start a lasting peace
All fighting for to cease
The world to live in friendship for all days

What a sight it must have been
The opulence therein
Of the field of cloth of gold displayed that day

Great numbers each King brought
To show their wealth they sought
Displayed in cloth of gold
With silk and jewels so bold
To impress the world meant peace or so they thought


Great tourneys did they hold
On hose and foot its told
Great knights with sword and lance
All fighting for the chance
To show that wealth and power were twofold


All feasted through the night
And danced, twas quite the sight
To be the greatest host
Each King with wealth did boast
To fill the world with wonder and delight


The world was much impressed
By the Kings friendly contest
But the purpose that they sought
Was sadly all for naught
For soon the counties fell back to unrest



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