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SCA 50 Performance Videos

  Here are a bunch of videos from various concerts at 50th year! Performances of songs I composed The War I Wage A Woeful Ballade and the Mistress’s Response Mittion’s Song Lament of Wulf’s Lover When my Kingdom Calls   Performances of Period Songs A Secret Love or Two by Thomas Campion Volez Vous Que Je […]

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Facebook page

Facebook page

ShavaSue has posted all of the amazing videos from 50th year on her YouTube channel! In the next day or so, I will have compiled all of my videos into one nice compact list for posting here, so stay tuned! In the meantime, I have started posting select links on my Facebook Artist page. Head […]

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SCA 50

SCA 50

SCA 50 was a wonderful event! We had amazing performances all day, every day, and wonderful Bardic every night. I was overjoyed to become friends with many new bards from all over the Known World! I am now starting the flurry of work and activity that will lead to producing my first CD! Over the […]

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SCA 50 Year Celebration

SCA 50 Year Celebration

SCA 50 Year is just around the corner! I will be teaching many classes and involved in a few concerts throughout the event – so come find me! Concerts: Monday @ 3 PM on the Outdoor Stage Tuesday @ 7 PM in the Tavern as part of Aneleda’s Ladies Night Wednesday @ 8 PM in […]

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The Toilet and the Tempest

At Beltane, I premiered a poem I wrote about my experience when “gulfnado” stuck on the Thursday of Gulf Wars.   The Toilet and the Tempest Aibhilin inghean Daibhidh On one fine eve at gulf wars in between some bouts of rain I wandered off from camp to visit port a privy lane Though dark […]

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It isn’t war if you don’t write a song about it…

With Gulf Wars 25 ending rather spectacularly with the “Gulfnado” or “Tempest of Doom” as I’ve been calling it, many songs and stories will undoubtedly be told. While I have others in the works, this one just had to happen. The Barony of Namron’s device is, basically, a tornado. Our Baronial service order is The […]

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A song for a challenge

In January I completed a year long challenge from our Kingdom Bard to perform a variety of activities, including performing in all 3 regions of Ansteorra (or in other Kingdoms), performing in every season, and entertaining a Countess. The final challenge was to write a Praise piece for someone in Ansteorra. I decided to take […]

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Kingdom Eistedfodd

I recently (in December, I know, I’m bad at posting) participated in Eistedfodd, which is the competition for the Premier Bard of Ansteorra. I came in second (Master Robin was the winner), but here are a few of my entries! The competition was a double elimination tournament using the Wheel of Death, with categories such […]

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New song: Light the Fires

The last event I went to wanted a song inspired by Samhein, so I wrote the following song. It was my first time writing with the harp (which I am still learning!) and, as the harp lends itself to a more period style, it was written in Dorian mode and the accompaniment is following 12th-14th […]

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Updating more, new song!

I’m terrible about updating, but I am going to try to be a bit better about it! I recently bought a harp and attended the Known World Bards and Cooks collegium, which as been collectively inspiring. Also, it seems bardic competitions around where I am now like to have theme songs, so that’s forced me […]

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