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I recently (in December, I know, I’m bad at posting) participated in Eistedfodd, which is the competition for the Premier Bard of Ansteorra. I came in second (Master Robin was the winner), but here are a few of my entries! The competition was a double elimination tournament using the Wheel of Death, with categories such as Death, War, Period, Love, Ansteorra, Audience Participation, Drinking, Bard’s Choice, etc. (They are posted to Facebook, as I’m not really a huge fan of posting myself to Youtube, and WordPress has a 2 MB limit, so click the links!)

Note: These recordings were recording at some distance using an iPhone – you will probably have to turn them up!

The first category drawn was “Death”. I am slowly working on increasing my repertoire of both period songs and harp songs, so my entry was Three Ravens performed with harp accompaniment.
Three Ravens

One of the other categories was “Ansteorra”. As I am new to the Kingdom, I performed the awesome piece “Stand Brother Stand” by Eleanor Fairchild (Truly Carmichael).  (Posted with permission)
Stand Brother Stand


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