SCA 50 Performance Videos


Here are a bunch of videos from various concerts at 50th year!

Performances of songs I composed

The War I Wage

A Woeful Ballade and the Mistress’s Response

Mittion’s Song

Lament of Wulf’s Lover

When my Kingdom Calls


Performances of Period Songs

A Secret Love or Two by Thomas Campion

Volez Vous Que Je Vous Chant – Anonymous Trouvere song


Performance of songs by HL Amalthea von Thungen

Hold Your Lines


Why I fight



Performances of songs by other composers

The Waterbearer’s Song –Filk by Danielle de Marseilles

Stand Brother Stand – by Eleanor Fairchild with special guest Aurora

Performing By the Weight of the Chain by Aneleda Falconbridge with Aneleda

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