German Garb:

The latest addition to my Kampfrau, a new fabulous hat (and appropriate headgear to wear underneath, though hard to see the Wulsthaube and Steuchlein in these pictures! (I cannot recommend Katafalk enough for tutorials on German headgear!

Peacock HatFrau hat









My first Kampfrau outfit. I borrowed someones underskirt in this picture for a pop of color from the boring white underskirt I originally made.

My second Kampfrau outfit, dubbed “Hello Kitty Frau”

My third Kampfrau, where I played with fabric other than linen, and experimented with sewing clasps onto the bodice. Way easier to put on than my other garb, which I sew myself into each time!

Brown Kampfrau

Newest Kampfrau, continuing to play with brocade and textured fabrics

Teal Kampfrau



Ugly Christmas Tunic Competition (who can resist)
Ugly Christmas Tunic Norse


Saris are store bought, Cholis are hand sewn. I made all the jewelry (necklaces, tikka, anklets which are not seen, earrings) except the cheap store bought bangles.





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