Commedia dell’Arte

Iron Commedia at Gulf Wars 26: Isabella and the Dragon
I organized Iron Commedia and we wrote and performed this show in 4 hours.


Isabella and the Frog Prince

Our first Commedia style show by the newly formed Northern Ansteorra Commedia group that I found called i Stellati! This is also the first show I wrote.  It was written specifically for the Barony of Namron’s Beltane event to integrate the themes of May day and our love of Spanghewing (Yes, it’s a word – Frogs are basically a subtheme of the event!)

I performed in multiple Commedia shows and skits at Pennsic 46

The Tutelage of Isabella with i Verdi Confusi

The Annulled Annulment with Iron Commedia

Follies of Fools with i Verdi Confusi

The Amateur Magician and the Philosopher’s Brick with Commedia All-Stars

Commedia Expo with i Verdi Confusi

i Stellati, the northern Ansteorra Commedia dell’Arte troupe I created, presented “A Booty of Brooches” at Namron’s Protectorate. The theme for the event was Pirates and I thus the inspiration for the pirate themed skit that I wrote.

i Stellati performed at the Spring Crown Tournament 2018 for the Kingdom of Ansteorra, presenting Pantalone’s Poison, a Players Patchwork Theater skit!



Ethereal SCA Pandemic Performances

The Calendimaggio Affair by Aibhilin inghean Daibhidh, performed with i Verdi Confusi

Scala’s Third Day: Isabella’s Fortune, performed with i Sebastiani

Humoring the Humors, performed with i Verdi Confusi

Scala’s First Day The Old Twins – YouTube, performed with i Sebastiani



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