Original Songs and Poetry

Links the rest of the lyrics coming soon!

Original Music:
Battle of the Gulf
Trimarian Court Bingo
Peace After War
The Tale of St. Martin’s Boot
Mittion’s Song
When Your Kingdom Calls (aka Eridani’s Warsong – commissioned by HRM Eridani)
Lament of Wulf’s Lover (Based on Anonymous Old English Poem, Wulf and Eadwacer)
How the Spring Was Sprung (A  Tale of St. Martin)
Field of Cloth of Gold
Light the Fires (A song for Samhein)
Drink to Summer’s Coming (A song for Beltane)
The War I Wage
Those Who Build the Dream

Filk Songs:
Oh! St. Martin (Sung to Oh! Susanna)
Stefan’s Ride (Sung to “Korobeiniki” aka the Tetris theme song)
Any Girl (Sung to “My Eyes” From Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog)

Original Poetry:
A Woeful Ballade and The Mistress’s Response (Two Sonnets based on Shakespeare’s “All The World’s a Stage)
The Soldier’s Courage and the Lover’s Scorn (Two Sonnets based on Shakespeare’s “All the World’s a Stage”)
The Toilet and the Tempest (Adventures from Gulfnado at Gulf Wars XX)


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