Art Sci / Period Illumination Reproductions

Illumination work!

  • Illuminated Border based on Book of Hours Annunciation to the Shepherds (Illumination-Novice) *Crown’s Acclaim*  Michaelmas Novice Fair 2009



  • Border Illumination for Award Scroll based on Stammheim Missal MS 42 FOL 6. Junius Brutus; Zodiacal sign of Gemini (Studio Arts and Sciences – Illumination – Journeyman)  Summer 2011

Stammheim MissalStammheim Missal closeup



  • Book of Hours, Use of Rome f. 218 a recto. Historiated initial of the young David (Gradual psalms) (Illumination – Journeyman) – Winter, 2012
    (I wish I had a better picture of this, but I was not at home when I made this scroll, and shipped it off as soon as I finished! Also forgot to take a picture after erasing the grid lines… the close ups are better, at least!)

Illumination - Art Sci Jan 2012


Use of Rome f 218 top close upUse of Rome f 218 side close upUse of Rome f 218 bottom close up










  • At some point, I will remember where this scroll is from, but is is based on a period piece

period scroll 01period scroll 01 close up



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